Scarves and Wraps

So what's the difference between a scarf and a stole ?   And what's with the wrap and pashmina ? Well the main difference between a scarf and a stole is the size. A scarf usually has a width of between 15 and 30 cm, sometimes  wider, and a length of  180cm or 200cm for a long scarf.   A stole however has enough width that you can wrap it across your shoulders 60-80cm  x 1.8m-2m in length.

A wrap - wrap, stole, shawl - same thing, just different terminology.

The term pashmina is widely abused and confused.  Pashmina is a Himalayan goat fibre, from the Changra or capra hiracus mountain goat,  rather than a style of garment.  We carry a range of different natural fibre stoles, some hand woven, others machine woven or knitted, in baby alpaca, silk, fine wool, mohair, recycled silk and in combinations of these fibres. At present we are not carrying pashmina. 

Baby alpaca is a grade of fibre fineness and alpaca wool is shorn from the animal once a year, as is wool from sheep.  Alpaca works beautifully with other natural fibres like silk and fine merino, or is gorgeous just on its own.

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