We have been involved in the alpaca industry in one way or another since about 1994.  Whilst we bred huacaya alpacas for about 8 years, family and business commitments saw us make a decision to focus our energies away from breeding alpacas and onto alpaca products.   However, we recommend if you are looking for alpaca pets or  alpaca herd guards that you use the Contact Us with a message for Jenai Hooke of Winyarra Alpacas. Jenai was one of our founding staff members and as well as owning alpacas for  many years, has a genuine interest in ensuring that new owners of pet alpacas and herd guards have appropriate knowledge to see their animals into a happy and healthy transition. 

When you buy alpacas through Winyarra Alpacas you receive follow up support and advice. Many times we have been contacted in our business by people who have purchased alpacas  but have not received any ongoing support or service from the person they purchased from, sadly sometimes this has resulted in the loss of animals due to ignorance.   So if you are looking to buy pets or herd guards - know the history of the animal,  look for someone who will not only sell you the alpacas but will be a phone call away if you have a question down the track.  We recommend  you contact Winyarra Alpacas through our CONTACT US page.

Wethers - male alpacas that do not show superior breeding characteristics and therefore will not improve herd quality, and are castrated.  Castrated males make good pets and can make fantastic  guards for sheep, goats., poultry such as geese, peacocks, and turkeys.   Alpacas have proven to dramatically reduce loses at lambing by keeping foxes at bay and there are many sheep flocks throughout Australia that are protected by alpaca guard animals. 

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If you are serious about genetics, breeding and superior fibre production then you need to do your homework.  A great start is to visit local agricultural shows,  visit the Australian Alpaca Association website and find contacts in your local area.   Even if you breed livestock already, alpaca present with some different herd management and husbandry requirements. They are beautiful animals with an amazing fibre that when grown under optimum conditions, produces the highest quality fibre for everything from Italian suits to luxurious coats and fine shawls for all ocassions.   Australian grown alpaca fibre has improved dramatically since  being introduced to Australia where select breeding practices has shown outstanding results over the last decade.  Alpaca fibre is a highly sought after exotic fibre, that due to the range of natural colours has a diverse use in products that  are intentionally eco friendly. 

In addition, alpaca is dyed into fashion colours as well, enabling alpaca to now be found  in a wide range of products, from fashion, homewares, carpets and soft furnishings.

Visit  the Australian Alpaca Assoc.  for further information about local events where you can see alpacas, and talk to breeders.

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